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The Biomass Briquettes

The biomass briquettes is also know as biocoal or white coal. The agriculture waste are compressed into the briquettes form. Biocoal or Whitecoal or Biomass Briquettes can be used as solid fuel. It can easily replace the solid fuels like lignite, steam coal, fire wood etc. All type of agriculture waste are used to make the biomass briquettes. Our biomass briquettes are made up of the groundnut shells.

Biomass briquettes Produced Every Year
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Key Features

Groundnut Shells Biomass Briquettes


The best available material in gujarat is groundnut shells and we are using it only.

High Calorific value

Due to high energy content in groundnut shells, our biomass briquettes has more than 4000 Kcal/Kg.

Low Ash

Groundnut shells biomass briquettes generates 7 to 8 % of ash content after burning efficiently.

Perfect Binding

It helps to not only store the biomass briquettes in good condition but also it provides better combustion of the biocoal.

Low Moisture

Net calorific value depends on moisture content. Less moisture content make our biomass briquettes more efficient.

Better Handling

Biomass briquettes are easily handled either in loose form or bag packed form.

100 % Natural

Biomass briquettes is made up with binder less technology. No addition of any type of chemicals while manufacturing.

Pollution Free

Negligible amount of sulphur content in biomass briquettes make it pollution free.

High Density

Raw material is compressed to highly dense briquettes so it can transport easily.

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